HICO is located within Bomun Lake Resort (Bomun Tourist Complex)
It is 21 km from Singyeongju Station which is served by KTX, 11 km from Gyeongju Intercity and Express Bus Terminals
where the airport limousine bus stops, and 90 km from Gimhae International Airport. Gyeongju is divided into seven districts:
Bomun Lake Resort, Bulguksa Temple, Downtown, Namsan (Southern Mountain), East Bay, Seoak (Western Mountain),
and Northern. Of these, Bomun Lake Resort is an all-inclusive tourist district centered around Bomun Lake. It includes hotels,
condominiums, golf courses, theme parks, theaters and other entertainment facilities as well as HICO, the area’s main venue.

Main Distances

· Singyeongju Station (KTX): 21 km

· Gyeongju Station (Mugunghwa Line): 9.8 km

· Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal (Limousine bus from Incheon Int’l Airport): 11 km

· Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal (Limousine bus from Gimhae Int’l Airport): 11 km

· Gimhae Int’l Airport: 90 km